Hair Care

Egyptian Lengths

Hair Care

Please remember to treat your Egyptian Lengths as though it was your own hair. 

•When washing and conditioning your Egyptian Lengths always use sulfate free products only.  

•Gently washing will prolong the life of your investment as opposed to roughly washing with harsh products which will shorten the life of your Lengths by causing it to tangle and be matted.  Tangled hair typically means it is dry or has heavy product build up. 

• Each bundle of Egyptian Lengths comes from a different provider and may react differently to different products. 

• We do not advise oil sheen, heavy oil or holding spray as they could possibly weigh down the hair.

• Currently blow drying isn't recommended.  Although it may be a quicker process you increase the chances of shedding. 

• Air drying your Egyptian Lengths is optimal. 

• NEVER- try to color or process your Egyptian Lengths yourself if you are not a professional . 

• NEVER- sew through wefts as it will cause more shed. 

As always we here at Egyptian Lengths are always available and happy to answer any questions you may have about your investment.