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About Us / Waist Beads

If your asking yourself " do waist beads shape your body ?  The answer is YES !“When they are on your waist, they shape your body by keeping the waist small, so the hips are more emphasized,” Actually , women in west Africa wear waist beads from child birth . 

These beads are thin and they wear them around their waist. Young girls along with older women are keeping up with their figure more than ever these days .

 Having a small waist is imperative however, their aren’t many ways to look fashionable doing so .

 Summer 2017 after undergoing major cosmetic surgery owner Egypt Cairo began doing research on how to maintain and manage her waist along with weight . After three short weeks of research she was introduced to a whole sale distributor who is from Liberia Africa . Later on this women would educate Egypt on the benefits of the beads and how they could help her physically see the change in her body . 

 Egypts desire to promote self love motivated the launch of Egyptian Lengths “ Watch Your Waist Beads “ under her already popular hair line Egyptian Lengths .